We are specialized in cleaning and repairing all kinds of tanks such FRP Panel Water Tank, HDG & MS Pressed Steel Water Tank, Stainless Steel Tank, Polytank, Reinforce Concrete Tank especially for residential, commercial and industrial water tanks in Peninsular Malaysia. Our major services are as follows:
  • Cleaning water storage tank service for residential
  • Refurbishment service for commercial water tank , industrial water tank maintenance repair
  • Inspection service for water tank
  • Water tank leakage & structural repair
  • Provide painting or coating interior & exterior of water tank to prevent from corrosion to the water tanks

We are providing free consultation services to our customers for checking tank conditions with NO extra cost charges. Whether you have a damaged Press Steel Tank or Fiberglass tank in need of repair or want to change or update the fittings configuration of a tank, Cubemax is your best solution partner and our technical team department is highly experienced in all types of tanks repair and rework from patching a leak repair to tank fitting installation, removal or replacement. Contact us today if you needed our services for repairing and cleaning your rusted or damaged Pressed Steel or FRP Panel Water Tank, we will be glad serving you better and solve your headache in wasting water or short water supply due water tank damaged.


Basically you need to maintain your tanks regularly by calling our technical team to check your tanks to be proper inspected and cleaned periodically to help maintain good water quality supply with long life span of the tanks.

This is needed for every large water tank such as Pressed Steel and FRP Panel Water Tank. Therefore, regular tank inspections need to be carried out in order to identify small problems of tank leaking or minor defect before it may turn into serious conditions which causing tank bursting affecting to the human health and safety issues, eventually leads to major damages to the residence house, building and common areas to highly cost repairs due to premature tank failure. Tanks that are not periodically cleaned can cause contamination events that can harm human health or can contribute to customers' aesthetic complaints.

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